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American Political Economy

Harvard Strike Steering Committee, Cambridge: The Transformation of a Working Class City, Harvard and MIT Create Imperial City, 1969, 15¢

SDS, Welcome to Springfield...a Mass. Mutual Property, 1969 20¢

William Domhoff, Researching the Governing Class in America, 1969, 10¢

Progressive Labor Party, The Continuing Struggle Against Revisionism and Nationalism, 1971, 20¢

Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy, The Absorption of Surplus: The Sales Effort, 35¢

Jerry DeMuth, G.E.: Profile of a Corporation, 10¢

John Gurley, Unemployment and Inflation, 25¢

John Gurley, Maoist and Capitalist Economic Development, 40¢

Dollars and Sense, Trade Wars. A collection of articles on US competition with other advanced capitalist countries, $1.00


Richard Edwards, The Logic of Capitalist Expansion: Why Businesses Have to Grow, 1972, 30¢

Samuel P. Hays, Municipal Reform the the Progressive Era: Whose Class Interest?, 40¢

Mark Naison, Sports and the American Empire, 40¢   

Nick Thorkelson and Jim O'Brien, Underhanded History of the USA, 1974, $1


Alfred Pelton, Who Really Rules America? – on finance capital, 50¢


Alfred Pelton, Life in these United States: Inflation---What Is It, How It Works, 15¢


Dave Pugh and Mitchell Zimmerman, The “Energy Crisis” and the Real Crisis Behind It, 75¢


Paul Sweezy, Thoughts on the American System: Contradictions Between the National Ruling Class and the City Rulers, 20¢


Paul M. Sweezy and Harry Magdoff, Gold Mania, Capitalism’s Fever Chart. Analyzes high gold prices as a symptom of underlying illness of the American economy, 20¢

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