Women's Liberation


Evelyn Alloy, Working Women’s Music; The Songs and Struggles of

Women in the Cotton Mills, Textile Plants and Needle Trades, 1978


Isaac Asimov, Uncertain, Coy, and Hard to Please, 1969, 10¢

Martha Atkins, The Hidden History of the Female; The Early Feminist

Movement in the United States


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Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English, Witches, Midwives, and Nurses; A History of Women Healers, 

Frederich Engels, The Early Development of the Family, 1884, 30¢

Friedrich Engels, The Origin of the Family

Marla Erlien, Madge Kaplan, Julie Palmer, More Than a Choice; Women Talk about Abortion, Abortion Action Coalition,  $1.00


Feminist Studies Program of Cambridge-Goddard Graduate School, Women and Psychology,  50¢

Shulamith Firestone, On-the-job Oppression of Working Women: A collection of articles: We Usually Don’t Hire Married Girls, Anon.;  The Politics of Housework, Pat Mainardi; Lower Your Voice, Swallow Your Gum, Anon.; Woman's Place is in the Hospital, Jean Tepperman; Be Charmed, Shulamith Firestone, 20¢


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Rachael Grossman, Women's Place in the Integrated Circuit


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Anne Koedt, The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm,


Elinor Langer, The Women of the Telephone Company, 1970, 20¢

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Phyllis Lehmann, Protecting Women Out of Their Jobs  

Laurel Limpus, Liberation of Women; Sexual repression and the Family, 5¢

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Experiences in Day Care Centers, Play Groups, and Free Schools, Phyllis Taube MacEwan, 25¢

Inez Maury, My Mother and I are Growing Strong, Mi Mama y yo nos Hacemos Fuertes

Kathy McAfee & Myrna Wood, Bread and Roses, ; and Alice D. Rivera - Jumping the Track–both from Leviathan #3, 25¢


Kathy McAfee & Myrna Wood, What Is the Revolutionary Potential of Women's Liberation?, 15¢

Juliet Mitchell, Women: The Longest Revolution, 15¢

Montreal Health Press, A Handbook on Sexual Assault, 40¢

Brenda Mull, Our Struggle Against Levi-Strauss, 10¢


New England Free Press, Women's Liberation Stickers (8 1/2 x 11 sheet of one dozen), 5¢

New England Free Press, Pregnant man poster, 10¢

Judy Nitchie, The Gun is Loaded: Images of Women in Advertising


Marge Piercy, The Grand Coolie Damn, 1969, 10¢


Radicalesbians, A Letter from Mary, and Woman Identified Woman,  5¢

Red Papers 3, Women and Socialism; Women in the Liberation Struggle; An Overview; Ma Bell Has Fleas – And a Lot of Angry Workers

Red Sun Press, Editor, Getting Stronger: Women Workers Organize the Abortion Clinics, $3.00

Evelyn Reed, The Myth of Women’s Inferiority, 1959, 15¢

Alice D. Rivera - Jumping the Track, 5¢

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Patricia Robinson, Poor Black Women,

Ken Rosenberg and Gordon Schiff, eds., The Politics of Health Care, An Annotated Bibliography

Dale Ross Rubenstein, How the Russian Revolution Failed Women 20¢


The San Francisco Women's History Group (Kathleen Drolet, Peggy Elwell, Minnie Favre, Melanie Jennings, Carol Tokeshi), What Have Women Done? A Photo Essay, $1.50

Barbara A. Schram, Building Blocks of Parent Decision-making, 15¢

SDS Resolution on Women, SDS

Louise Shell, The Lonely Girl in the Big City,  20¢


Meredith Tax, Woman and Her Mind: The Story of Daily Life, 1970, 25¢

Jean Tepperman, On-the-job Oppression of Working Women: A collection of articles: We Usually Don’t Hire Married Girls, Anon.;  The Politics of Housework, Pat Mainardi; Lower Your Voice, Swallow Your Gum, Anon.; Woman's Place is in the Hospital, Jean Tepperman; Be Charmed, Shulamith Firestone, 20¢

Jean Tepperman, Sixty Words a Minute and What Do You Get? Clerical Workers Today, 1976, 50¢

Linda Thurston Are Women Free Yet?

Linda Thurston, Birth Control, Abortion, Venereal Diseases, 25¢


Up Haste Bookstore, Books by Women (and Some Men) Relevant to Women’s Liberation, 1972

Stephanie Urdang, A Revolution Within a Revolution: Women in Guinea-Bissau, 50¢



Lise Vogel, Women Workers; Some Basic Statistics, 1980, 10¢


Betsy Warrior, Females and Welfare, 2/5¢

Betsy Warrior, Wifebeating, 1976, 40¢

Lynn Wells, American Women: Their Use and Abuse  1969, 10¢

Naomi Weisstein, Kinder, Kirche, Kuche: Psychology Constructs the Female, or, The Fantasy Life of the Male Psychologist, 1971, 15¢

Ilene Winkler, Women Workers; The Forgotten Third of the Working Class, 20¢

Marcia Womangold, Pornography; A License to Kill, 50¢


Women’s Work Project, Women Organizing in the Office, $2.00


Connie Young Yu, The People's Bi-Centenial Quilt: A Patchwork History, 1976, $3

Women's periodicals distributed by the Free Press:

Off Our Backs, A woman's news-journal, 25¢

No More Fun and Games, A Journal of Female Liberation, Issue 2, $1

Women: A Journal of Liberation, $1.25.

“Out of the conflict between our pain and the way we were socialized has been born a new creation: the women's liberation movement. Out of the conflict between the women’s liberation movement and society will be born a creature who does not yet exist: a liberated woman." ~Meredith TaxWoman and Her Mind: The Story of Daily Life

This germinal essay of the women’s liberation movement was published by the Free Press in 1970.