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Here’s the list of what we don’t have on the site. As I make new PDFs I'll add them here until one of adds them to the correct page.



The Movement:

Bay Area Revolutionary Union, The Red Papers, 15¢

​John Evansohn, Laura Foner,  Mark Naiso, Ruth Meyerwitz, Will Brumback, Literature on the American Working Class, 1970, 15¢

Staughton Lynd, A History of the Steelworkers Union, 1973, 30¢

​Movement publications: Most are missing


American Political Economy:


​Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy, The Absorption of Surplus: The Sales Effort, 35¢

Jerry DeMuth, G.E.: Profile of a Corporation, 10¢

​John Gurley, Unemployment and Inflation, 25¢

Dollars and Sense, Trade Wars. A collection of articles on US competition with other advanced capitalist countries, $1.00


Power structure


Kathy Boudin & Brian Glick, The Political Functions of the Grand Jury, 5¢


Martin Nicolaus - The Contradiction of Advanced Capitalist Society and Its Resolution, 10¢


Open the Books: How to Research a Corporation  Urban Planning Aid


How to and self help

Grand Juries  Young, Peter and Barry Litt



Anthony Barton, The Chocolate Children, 1970, 10¢

George Dennison, The Lives of Children: The Story of the First Street School, $1.95


This Magazine is About Schools (Summerhillian Approach; current issue), 95¢



Italian Schoolboys, Dear Miss, 15¢

Eric Mann, The Newark Community School, 1967, 10¢


The university:


Kathleen Gough Aberle, Anthropology and Imperialism, 1968, 10¢

Allen Krebs, The University, 1966, 15¢




Romano Ledda, Social Diseases and Political Struggle in Africa, 1967




Anon., Introduction to Revolutionary Politics and the Cuban Working Class, 1969

Juan Mari Bras, The New Struggle for Puerto Rico’s Independence, 1969


Kathleen Gough Aberle, Anthropology and Imperialism, 1967

Andre Gunder Frank, Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth Through Escalation to Nuclear Destruction,  1967

Jules Henry, Capital’s Last Frontier, 1966, 5¢

Gareth Stedman Jones, The Continuity of Imperialism in American History, 25¢

Leo Huberman, Paul Sweezy, Peaceful Transition from Socialism to Capitalism?, 1964 

Mitch Zimmerman & the United Front Press, International Runaway Shops: Why US Companies are Moving Their Plants Abroad, 50¢


Working Class


Steve Babson & Nancy Brigham, What's Happening to Our Jobs, $1.45


John Evansohn/Laura Foner/Mark Naison/Ruth Meyerwitz/Will Brumback, Literature on the American Working Class, 15¢   


Resources for Community Change, Gonna Rise Again!: Economic Organizing for Hard Times, $1.00


Richard Boyer and Herbert Morais, Labor's Untold Story, Published by UE, $2.50



Karson/Radosh, The AFL and Negro Workers, 1894–1949, 25¢

Ken Lawrence, The Roots of Class Struggle in the South, 60¢


Walter Linder, District 65: How a Good Union Goes Bad, 15¢


Why Are These Men Holding Hands? A Poster and Essay   Demian

Gay Male Liberation issue  Motive magazine

Lesbian/Feminist issue Motive magazine

Sleeping Beauty: A Lesbian Fairy Tale  ​Sojourner Truth Press


Class Struggle and the Origin of Racial Slavery: The Invention of the White Race   Allen, Theodor

Class, Race, and Chicano Oppression Almaguer, Tomas

Labor in the South: Black Workers Set Against White, Strike Broken  Analavage, Rober

Detroit to Durban --  Black Workers Common Struggle  Black Workers' Organizing Committee

On the Job Oppression of Working Women: A Collection of Articles Various




Women’s Place is at the Typewriter: The Feminization of the Clerical Labor Force Davis, Margery 

Women and Psychology  Feminist Studies Program of Cambridge-Goddard Graduate School

Getting Together: How to Start a Women’s Liberation Group  Freeman, Jane & Marge Piercy (Outreach Committee; Cape Cod Women’s Liberation)


On Day Care

Gross, Louisen & Phyllis MacEwen





Experiences in Day Care Centers, Play Groups, and Free Schools, MacEwan, Phyllis Taube

Bread and Roses (from Leviathan #3) McAfee, Kathy & Myrna Wood

A Handbook on Sexual Assault Montreal Health Press

The Gun is Loaded: Images of Women in Advertising  Nitchie, Judy 

Getting Stronger: Women Workers Organize the Abortion Clinics  Red Sun Press, Editor

Women Organizing in the Office  Women’s Work Project


Off Our Backs: A Woman's News-Journal

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