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Joe Sonntag

Tacoma, Washington

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Jill Goldstein, Nancy Nichols, Joe Sonntag, Marsha Hams, Nick Thorkelson; Spring, 1976

When I think back to the days when I worked at New England Free Press (mid '70's) I think mostly of the great people I worked with there. Secondly I think of how I learned to run large printing presses and other machines - a kind of work very different from other jobs I've had in the social work field. And later I actually had a couple of other jobs running presses. Working in a political collective was very natural for me. From around 1969 to 1974 I was always living in collective housing with political comrades. Most of that was connected with working in the anti-war movement, both in the U.S. and in Japan. 


That’s just a little about my experiences at Free Press. I always felt strongly while working there that I, and my working comrades, were doing something meaningful. That was a valuable gift.

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