The Movement

History and Perspective

Bay Area Revolutionary Union, The Red Papers, 15¢

Paul Baran, On Marxism: Crisis of Marxism and On the Nature of Marxism, 1964, 15¢


Berkeley Radical Arts Troupe, Reserve Liberal Training Corps (a play), and Suggestions for Building a Guerrilla Theater Group, 15¢

Daniel Bell, The Subversion of Collective Bargaining: Labor in the 1950s, 1960, 35¢

Victoria Bonnell and Michael Reich,  Workers and the American Economy: Data on the Labor Force, 1969, 50¢

Jill Boskey, Aubrey Brown, James Herod, Sydney Lines, Melinda Myrick, Mary Phillips, The Class Background and Orientation of the New Left, 1971, 10¢


Richard Boyer and Herbert Morais, Labor's Untold Story, Published by UE, $2.50


Jim Dann, Communists Try to Organize “Factories in the Fields”; Organizing California Migrant Workers in the Great Depression, 35¢


Nick Egleson, Letter to the Movement: Self-Transformation and Revolutionary Consciousness, 1968, 20¢


Barbara Ehrenreich, Toward a Political Morality, 1977, 15¢

John Evansohn, Laura Foner,  Mark Naiso, Ruth Meyerwitz, Will Brumback, Literature on the American Working Class, 1970, 15¢


Paul Faler, Jim Green, Jim O'Brien, John Battye, David Frank, Greg Kealey,  Ian McKay, A Guide to Working Class History,1976, 60¢


Martin Glaberman, Be His Payment High or Low: The American Working Class of the 60’s, 50¢

Fred Gordon, A Class Analysis of the Radical Student Movement, 1969

Edward Greer and Charles Lengram, Roadblock to Revolution, 25¢


Barbara Haber and Al Haber, Getting by with a Little Help from Our Friends, 1967, 10¢

IWW, Industrial Workers of the World Songbook, 40¢

Jim Jacobs, Power in American Society, 10¢ 


Russell Jacoby, Stalin, Marxism-Leninism and the Left, 1976, 75¢

Mike Klonsky, Noel Ignatin, Marilyn Katz, Sue Eanet, and Les Coleman, Revolutionary Youth Movement II, Documents on SDS and the Split, 1969, 10¢

Gabriel Kolko, The Decline of American Radicalism in the Twentieth Century, 1966, 15¢


Ken Lawrence, The Roots of Class Struggle in the South, 60¢


Jesse Lemisch, Towards a Democratic History      


John Lippert, Fleetwood Wildcat, 1977, $1

Jon Livingston and Jim Morrell, The Cambridge Project

Priscilla Long, Mother Jones:  Woman Organizer, 1976, $2.00

Staughton Lynd, A History of the Steelworkers Union, 1973, 30¢

Staughton Lynd, ed., Personal Histories of the Early CIO, 1973, 25¢

John McDermott, Thoughts on the Movement: Who Does the Movement Move?, 1967, 5¢

Mark Naison, Rent Strikes in New York, 1967, 20¢

Mark Naison, The Southern Tenants Farmers’ Union and the C.I.O., 1968, 15¢

New American Movement, Revolution and Democracy, 50¢

Martin Nicholaus, The Unknown Marx: The Contemporary Relevance of Karl Marx, 1968, 40¢

Jim O’Brien, American Leninism in the 1970s, 1977, $1.00

James O'Brien, America the Beautiful: An Essay on Daniel Boorstin and Louis Hartz, 10¢

Brian Peterson, Working Class Communism: A Review of the Literature, 1971, 25¢

Vincent Pinto, Soldiers and Strikers: Counter-Insurgency on the Labor Front, 1877-1949, 40¢

Norman Pollack, Southern Populism, 5¢

Progressive Labor Party, The Continuing Struggle Against Revisionism and Nationalism, 1971, 20¢

Resources for Community Change, National Advisory Committee on Farm Labor, Farm Labor Organizing, 1905-1967, A Brief History, 1967, 50¢

Shoshanna Rihn and Marty Jezer, Which Way to the Revolution? (on alternative lifestyles), 35¢

Richie Rothstein, ERAP and How it Grew, 10¢

Students for a Democratic Society, SDS On the Split at the Convention, 1969, 5¢

Revolutionary Youth Movement, SDS, RYM SDS on the Split at the Convention, 1969, 5¢

SDS, SDS Work-in Toward a Worker-Student Alliance, 1968

Nick Thorkelson and Jim O'Brien, Baseball: A Marxist Analysis, poster, 1978

Tom Tippett, When Southern Labor Stirs: Struggles of Southern Mountain Textile Workers in 1929–30, 1931, $1.50

Part 1, Introduction, 50¢

Part 2, The Strike at Elizabethton, 25¢

Part 3, The Strike at Gastonia, 35¢

Part 4, The Strike at  Marion, 40¢

James Weinstein, The Grand Illusion: Trade Unionism and the Left, 1975, 35¢

Stanley Weir, U.S.A: The Labor Revolt of the 1960s, 1967, 35¢

Brad Wiley, Historians and the New Deal, 1960, 15¢

Working Class Communism: A Review of the Literature (in the US, Britain, France, and Germany), 40¢

Worker Student Alliance, The Worker-Student Alliance Caucus, 1968, 5¢

Bill Zimmerman, Len Radinsky, Mel Rothenberg, and Bart Meyers, Toward a Science for the People, 50¢

Movement Publications distributed by NEFP

Challenge (Monthly Paper of the Progressive Labor Party), 50¢

Leviathan (New Left Political Monthly), 50¢

New Left Notes (Bi-weekly Newspaper of SDS), 10¢


The Movement (West Coast Monthly), 20¢


Monthly Review (An Independent Socialist Magazine), 75¢

Off Our Backs

Women: A Journal of Liberation


Radical America (A Journal of American Radicalism), 50¢s


Right On (Paper of Boston-area High School Radicals), 10¢

This Magazine is About Schools


Old Mole (Boston-area Bi-weekly), 25¢


Our Generation (Canadian New Left Quarterly), $1.25