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Power Structure

All PDFs of the publications below are free to view and download.

The Political Functions of the Grand Jury

Boudin, Kathy & Brian Glick


Debunking Eric Hoffer: Would You Believe? - An Introductory Critique of 'The True Believer'; Eric Hoffer and the Cold War

Breines, Paul and Peter Wiley

Law and the Radical Lawyer

Cloke, Ken

Researching the Governing Class of America: A guide to resources

Domhoff, William

The Wisconsin Draft Resistance Union; From Conscience to Class, 1969 Anti-Expansion and Anti-ROTC Strike Steering Committee

Gabriner, Bob and Barbara Baran

Getting by With a Little Help from Our Friends

Haber, Barbara and Al Haber


Where It's At: A Research Guide to Community Organizing

Hamberg, Jill


Cambridge: The Transformation of a Working Class City; Harvard and M.I.T. Create an Imperial city

Harvard Strikers


Municipal Reform in the Progressive Era: Whose Class Interest?

Hays, Samuel

Selective Service System; or, the Manpower Channelers

Hening, Peter


How to Spread the Word; and, Notes on Left Propaganda

Huberman, Leo


Power in American Society (annotated bibliography)

Jacobs, Jim

Seymour M. Lipset: Sociologist for the Smooth Society

Jacobs, Jim


Toward a Democratic History: the Role of the Masses in US History

Lemisch, Jesse

The Care and Feeding of Power Structures

Minnis, Jack

Research Methodology Guide


The Contradiction of Advanced Capitalist Society and Its Resolution

Nicolaus, Martin


Childhood in an Indian village: The Impact of Capitalist Culture on a Primitive Communist Society

Pelletier, Wilfred

Can the Ruling Class Shape History?

Sweezy, Paul

Thoughts on the American System 

Sweezy, Paul

Clark Clifford: Attorney-at-War

Welsh, David & David Horowitz

 Historians and the New Deal; Harvard and MIT create Imperial City

Wiley, Brad

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