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How-to and Self Help

Waleed S. Al-Fadhly and Gary D. Shapiro, How to Publish a Highschool Underground Newspaper, 1970

Anon., Notes for a Would-be Fugitive

Berkeley Women's Health Collective, Feeding Ourselves, 25¢

Cathy Boudin and Brian Glick, A Guide to the Grand Jury, 1969

Nancy Brigham, How to Do Leaflets, Newsletters and Newspapers, 1976, $1.25

Linda Borenstein, John Johansson & Richard Winkelstern, Patching Up the Movement (First Aid), 15¢

Ken Cloke, Law and the Radical Lawyer 1968

Jill Hamberg, with Paul Booth, Mimi Feingold, and Carl Wittman , Where It's At, Part 1, Part 2,, A Research Guide for Community Organizing, 1967

Haymarket Collective, Notes on Security, 25¢

Hedge School Restaurant, The Hedge School Recipe Book, 1976

Barbara Herbert, With a Little Pork from Our Friends, 1970

Leo Huberman, Notes on Left Propaganda and How to Spread the Word, 1950 and 1967, 25¢

Alicia Kaplow and Ann Garfinkle, Radical's Guide to Grand Juries, 10¢

Larry Lockshin, When in Court, Defend Yourself

People's Dreadnaught, Law Enforcement Agencies' Methods of Surveillance

Radical Arts Troupe of Berkeley SDS, Reserve Liberal Training Corps (a play); and Suggestion for Building A Guerrilla Theatre Group, 5

Arlene Siegel, Are You Now or Have You Ever?: A Look at Grand Juries, 20¢

How to do Power Structure (from Summer 1976 catalog)

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McGill Students, Birth Control Handbook, 10¢

McGill Students, VD Handbook, 10¢

Montreal Health Press, A Handbook on Sexual Assault, 40¢

NACLA, NACLA Research Methodology Guide, $1

October Graphics, Propaganda: A Worksheet, 25¢

People's Dreadnaught, Law Enforcement Agencies' Methods of Surveillance


Resources for Community Change, Gonna Rise Again


Peter Young and Barry Litt, Grand Juries

Bill Zimmerman, Len Radinsky, Mel Rothenberg, Bart Meyers, Science for the People

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