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Tom Engelhardt

New York, New York

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 12.02.

Tom Engelhardt operating the Chief 22 printing press circa 1970

Tom Engelhardt, on staff from 1969–71, is the editor of TomDispatch. TomDispatch carries on the publishing tradition of the Free Press.

TomDispatch is a published two or three times a week, each edition a finely crafted essay from established writers and new ones as well.


Recent writers include:

Rebecca Solnit

Adam Hochschild

Bill McKibben

Mike Davis

Elizabeth de la Vega

Michael Klare


Tom also writes for the site, as does associate editor Nick Turse.

TomDispatch follows in the footsteps of the Free Press, recognizing the reality the the internet is today's printing press. The Free Press offered its publications at cost. TomDispatch is free, but an occasional donation to keep the computers running is welcome.

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