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Women's Liberation


Abortion Action Coalition, More Than a Choice: Women Talk About Abortion, $1.00

Evelyn Alloy, Working Women’s Music; The Songs and Struggles of Women in the Cotton Mills,

Textile Plants and Needle Trades (with music for singing and playing), 1978, $2.50

Isaac Asimov, Uncertain, Coy, and Hard to Please, 1969, 10¢

Martha Atkins, The Hidden History of the Female; The Early Feminist Movement in the United States


Jack Belden, Goldflower’s Story; A Peasant Woman in the Chinese Revolution, 1949, 30¢

Margaret Benston, The Political Economy of Women’s Liberation, 10¢, 1969

Berkeley Women’s Health Collective, Feeding Ourselves, 1972

Kitty Bernick, Marxism: A Syllabus Design for a Women's Course, 5¢

Black Panther Sisters Talk About Women’s Liberation The Movement /1969, 5¢

Black Unity Party, Birth Control Pills and Black Children, Together with The Sisters Respond and Poor Black Women, 5¢

Boston Nurse Group, The False Promise; Professionalism in Nursing, 1978

Bread and Roses, Boston Women’s Poetry Anthology, 1970


Barbara Carson, The Bottle Baby Scandal; Milking the Third World for All its Worth, 1977

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“Out of the conflict between our pain and the way we were socialized has been born a new creation: the women's liberation movement. Out of the conflict between the women’s liberation movement and society will be born a creature who does not yet exist: a liberated woman.”


~Meredith Tax, Woman and Her Mind: The Story of Daily Life

This seminal essay of the women’s liberation movement was published by the Free Press in 1970.

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