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Latin America by Title

The New Strategy for U.S. Investment in Latin America, Edie Black,  1968

The Argument of Latin America; Words for North Americans, Carlos Fuentes, 1963, 15¢

The Battle of Chile, An Interview with Patricio Guzman, Julianne Burton

Bolivia Between Revolutions, James Petras, 10¢

Cuba and Imperialism: the PreRevolutionary Background, Edward Boorstein, 1968

Cuba’s Revolutionary Medicine, Willis P. Butler, 1968

Cuba’s Workers, Worker’s Cuba, Maurice Zeitlin, 1959, 50¢

Do You Want to Go to War in El Salvador?, Common Sense for Hard Times

Exploitation or Aid? U.S.Brazil Economic Relations; The facts and mechanisms of imperialism – A Case Study, Andre Gunder Frank, 1964, 15¢

Food for Profit, American Aid in Guatemala, Tom Bodenheimer, 5¢

Guevara, Debray and the CIA, Richard Gott, 10¢

Introduction to Revolutionary Politics and the Cuban Working Class, 1969

A New Look at US Investments in Latin America, Edie Black, 10¢

LIsten Liberals! A Description of Puerto Rico's New Struggle for Liberation, Rodolfo Rodriguez

The Long March in Latin America; Guerilla Movements; Theory and Practice,Regis Debray, 1965, 50¢

Mexico, NACLA, $1

The New Struggle for Puerto Rico’s Independence, Juan Mari Bras, 1969

Puerto Rico; A Colony of the United States, Puerto Rican Youth Movement, 1969

Revolution and Counterreveloution in the Dominican Republic, Leo Huberman and Paul Sweey, 10¢

Seven Erroneous Theses about Latin America, Rodolfo Stavenhagen, 1967

Social Revolution in Latin America; the role of U.S. aid, Robert Smith, 1965

Under the Cloak and Behind the Dagger, The CIA in Chile, NACLA, 25¢

Uruguay’s Urban Guerillas, Marysa Gerassi, 1969, 5¢

What is Happening in Peru?, James Petras & Nelson Rimensnyder, 10¢

Whither the Nicaraguan Revolution?, James Petras


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